Post ‘Yes’ plans show opportunity to improve Scotland

Posted on February 5, 2013

Scottish Greens are welcoming the publication of proposals by the Scottish Government for the transfer of powers and development of a constitution following a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

Patrick Harvie, MSP for Glasgow and Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

“I very much welcome this contribution to the debate about a written constitution for Scotland. The Scottish Green Party has long supported a written constitution, and we adopted support for a constitutional prohibition of weapons of mass destruction last year.

“The approach suggested by the Scottish Government will help voters and politicians alike to start considering the practical steps to be taken in the event of a Yes vote, and it will become ever clearer that independence will open up new opportunities to improve Scotland from day one.

“In any political or public debate about the constitution, we will also continue to make the case for a fully secular Scotland with an elected head of state.

“It remains unclear why the Government is proposing the transfer of sovereignty two months before the election of an independent Parliament, and I’m still concerned to ensure that the Parliament has the capacity to hold an independent Government to account from day one. However this is an important step forward for the debate about Scotland’s future, and there is a great deal to welcome in the document published today.”


Scottish Greens support Scottish Independence from the conviction that the urgent transformation needed in our society and our economy can best be achieved by Scotland as a small autonomous country. Bringing political and economic structures and decision-making closer to the Scottish people is a core Green principle and ambition.

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