New Scottish tax body is a chance to catch dodgers

Posted on June 7, 2012

Revenue Scotland, the body proposed today (7 June) to collect devolved taxes by the Scottish Government, represents an opportunity to catch tax dodgers, according to the Scottish Greens.

At Holyrood this afternoon Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow, asked Finance Secretary John Swinney to consider including a representative from the widely-respected Tax Justice Network on the proposed new Tax Consultation Forum.

Mr Swinney, launching the Scottish Government’s consultation on a Land and Buildings Transaction Tax to replace UK Stamp Duty, agreed to consider Mr Harvie’s request.

Mr Harvie said:

“The creation of Revenue Scotland is an ideal opportunity for Scotland to make clear its intention to weed out tax dodgers whose use of havens and dodgy accounting increases the burden on the rest of society. I look forward to making the case for the proposed Consultation Forum including those who represent the wider public interest.

“It’s vital that Scotland doesn’t recreate the tax-dodging culture which has thrived in the UK. The government’s consultation does not commit to a general anti-avoidance rule but at least the Cabinet Secretary agreed to listen to the case for beefing up his approach.”



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