Green jobs in the pipeline blocked by oil and gas

Posted on June 13, 2012

The vested interests of the oil and gas industry are in danger of blocking the creation of thousands more jobs in the renewable energy sector, according to the Scottish Greens.

Scottish Parliament Economy and Energy Committee member Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow, today (13 June) challenged lobby group Oil and Gas UK to back up its claim that it “fully supports [the] desire to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases”.

In its submission to the committee’s inquiry into renewable energy targets Oil and Gas UK stated that Scotland will have to “continue to depend” on fossil fuels for decades to come.

Mr Harvie said:

“In their submission Oil and Gas UK either didn’t understand or attempted to mislead by repeatedly referring to a target of 100 per cent of electricity from renewables. The government’s plan is to generate the equivalent of Scotland’s electricity consumption from renewables, while continuing to operate nuclear, coal and gas plants.

“There is a danger the vested interests of fossil fuel corporations are blocking the transition to a low carbon economy and associated jobs. Last year was a record year for electricity generated from wind and hydro, and we owe it future generations to continue this positive transformation.”